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Bridge Garden Rooms showcase a variety of sleek small garden pod designs, perfect for even the tiniest gardens. Each of these compact designs by Bridge Garden Rooms is an excellent fit for a home office, art studio, or even a dedicated space for your favourite piece of gym equipment.

The Chad Pod is the most compact, with dimensions of 2m x 2m. It offers a fully glazed door and a narrow window on the side wall, maximising space for your furniture.

For those looking for contemporary details, the Edward Pod features a glazed corner, composed of a door and a fixed pane window of equal height. A small window on the front assures a room filled with light.

The Grisedale Tarn design also incorporates a corner glazing option. This time, the glazed window sits at one end of the front elevation at the opposite end a desk-height window wraps around the corner of the building. This window creates a panoramic view of the garden.

While these designs include popular features, they’re essentially the basis for a customised design. The Bridge Garden Rooms team is ready to collaborate with you, tailoring the size, layout, and features to meet your unique needs.

All designs from Bridge Garden Rooms work with Permitted Development rules. If planning approval is required, the Bridge Garden Rooms team is ready to assist with the necessary drawings and specifications, ensuring a smooth application process.

In terms of construction, Bridge Garden Rooms employs Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) as the core structure of their garden rooms. Combined with interior and exterior finishes and double-glazed doors and windows, the result is a multi-layered build. This creates a well-insulated space ideal for year-round use.

Bridge Garden Rooms provides a comprehensive electrical specification, including LED downlights recessed into the ceiling, multiple power points, and a consumer unit.

Operating across the UK, Bridge Garden Rooms project manages the installation process, beginning with the foundation system and progressing to the main build. When it’s time for the final electrical connection between the garden room’s consumer unit and your home, you have choices. Either engage a local electrician to handle the connection or obtain a separate quote from the Bridge team.


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Examples of Bridge Garden Rooms exterior finishes

Externally, Bridge Garden Rooms offers a palette of low-maintenance finishes chosen for longevity. Their standard cladding finish is Western Red Cedar, chosen for its aesthetic charm and natural resistance to rot and fungal decay. However, if you want to create a different look or aim to maximise your budget, Bridge Garden Rooms offers alternative durable timber finishes like Siberian Larch, Thermowood, or treated Redwood.

For those seeking a zero-maintenance cladding finish, Bridge Garden Rooms provides composite cladding options. These boards are available in various colours and profiles, including a stylish slatted cladding design.

These durable cladding choices are paired with uPVC doors and windows. The SIP’s roof structure features a powder-coated metal exterior layer, that is virtually maintenance-free.

As highlighted in the accompanying images, Bridge Garden Rooms can enhance their garden room buildings with covered outdoor areas. Whether it’s running along the front elevation to deliver a veranda-esque detail or situated beside the room to offer a sheltered seating spot, they’ve got it covered! Bridge Garden Rooms integrates exterior lighting into their designs, extending the usability of the space well into the evening.

Examples of Bridge Garden Rooms interior finishes

Bridge Garden Rooms offers walls and ceilings that are plasterboarded and skimmed, prepared for the paint finish of your choice. Paired with durable laminate flooring, this combination delivers a modern ambience, like you’d find in a newly built house. For those who prefer a panelled appearance, Bridge Garden Rooms also provides 12mm thick MDF panelling.

As seen in various images, Bridge Garden Rooms offer a broad selection of uPVC doors and window styles. These choices ensure a room bathed in natural light. Notable options include desk-height windows and doors that fully retract, seamlessly merging the room with the garden.

Thanks to the Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs) core structure combined with a multi-layered design, the room is comfortable for year-round use. To ensure warmth during the chillier days, Bridge Garden Rooms can integrate your preferred heating system, be it a slimline electric heater, underfloor heating, or air conditioning.