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Miniature Manors is experienced in designing bespoke small garden rooms, perfectly tailored to fit both your specific needs and the unique constraints of your garden space. These accompanying photos illustrate the range of compact garden room projects they have successfully undertaken, each one distinctively customised to the individual requirements of their clients. This expertise in small-scale design ensures that, regardless of your garden’s size, Miniature Manors can craft a garden room that is uniquely yours.

Creating small garden rooms since 2008 and based in Sussex, Miniature Manors focuses their work in Surrey, East Sussex, and West Sussex. This regional concentration allows their skilled team of designers and craftsmen to provide dedicated attention to every project.

Their bespoke approach involves working closely with each client. Miniature Manors takes great care to understand your vision for the garden room, determining the most suitable size for your needs, and incorporating your desired features. This personalised process guarantees that each garden room, no matter its size, is as unique as the clients they serve.

What sets Miniature Manors apart in the market is their versatility in creating both sleek, contemporary designs and buildings with traditional detailing. Their team of skilled carpenters can craft a variety of roof styles, including mono-pitched, dual-pitched, and more complex hipped rooflines.

For exterior finishes in these smaller structures, a wide range of options is available, from long-lasting timbers like Western Red Cedar to contemporary composite materials. Internally, Miniature Manors finish their rooms to a high standard, offering quality finishes including plastered & decorated walls and durable flooring, with options for a minimalist Birch plywood interior.

Understanding the importance of a hassle-free experience, Miniature Manors provides a comprehensive turnkey service for these smaller garden rooms. This includes managing the project from design inception to the final utility connections, and if needed, navigating the planning approval process with their in-house design team.


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Examples of Miniature Manors exterior finishes

Miniature Manors provides an extensive selection of exterior cladding options and profiles, enabling clients to craft a distinctive appearance for their garden room. For those who envision a timber finish, Miniature Manors offers various durable options, including Redwood and Western Red Cedar, known for their low maintenance requirements.

For clients seeking a maintenance-free solution that retains its aesthetic appeal over the long term, Miniature Manors offers composite cladding choices. These include composite wood finishes and cement fibre boards, available in a range of colours and profiles, including on-trend slatted designs.

Miniature Manors is happy to integrate clients’ ideas into their designs. Over the years, this has included replicating design details from the clients’ main house onto the garden room’s exterior or incorporating a living wall into a garden office design.

In their mono-pitched designs, Miniature Manors can incorporate a living roof covering, providing year-round interest and establishing a valuable natural ecosystem on the roof.

For pitched roof designs, Miniature Manors offers a variety of tiling options. The photos above showcase a hipped roof design finished with clay tiles, illustrating Miniature Manors’ attention to detail in crafting their pitched roofs.

Examples of Miniature Manors interior finishes

Miniature Manors ensures that their garden rooms are completed to a high standard internally, comparable to that of a newly built house. The walls and ceiling are meticulously plastered and decorated, complemented by durable laminate or engineered wood flooring. This combination results in a modern and inviting room where natural light bounces around the room, as depicted in these photographs.

For those looking for a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic, Miniature Manors also offers interiors crafted from Birch plywood. Each board is carefully detailed with shadow gap detailing, lending a distinctive and unique appearance to the room.

During the design phase, Miniature Manors collaborates closely with clients to determine the optimal layout of doors and windows, ensuring they meet your specific requirements. They provide a choice between aluminium-framed and uPVC options.

The electrical specification is another area where Miniature Manors exhibits flexibility, tailoring it to how you intend to use your room. This includes both interior and exterior lighting, as well as a hardwired internet connection for reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, Miniature Manors offers a range of heating solutions, including air conditioning, to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Miniature Manors’ turnkey service includes the final electrical connection between the garden room and your house. This comprehensive approach sets them apart from many competitors, who often require clients to arrange this aspect of the project with another company.