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Let’s find the companies who can tailor the acoustic specification of their buildings around ‘your needs’ 

If you’re planning to create a garden room for use as a music room or recording studio, its acoustic qualities are a paramount consideration. While most garden room companies focus on thermal insulation, a select few specialise in integrating acoustic layers into their designs. These soundproof rooms cater to the needs of both amateur musicians and professionals.

As you explore your options, you’ll notice that some companies offer basic solutions like acoustic plasterboard, whereas others provide bespoke specifications tailored to your needs. This might include multiple acoustic layers including resilient bars to decouple interior finishes from the main structure, acoustic membranes, and specialised plasterboard. Some acoustic experts even provide additional features like acoustic porches and double-skinned windows.

Our directory showcases a range of soundproof studio solutions, featuring companies that offer services throughout the UK as well as those with a focus on specific counties. Use the filters below to explore options in your area, which include pre-designed, modular, and bespoke designs, all complemented by professional installation.

To start your search, select your county and outline your design preferences. Be sure to mention any unique site challenges. After clicking “Search”, we will present a list of companies that align with your criteria, each skilled in creating your ideal garden studio. Dive into the results to gain more insights and understand how these companies integrate various design elements into their acoustic garden studios.


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