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Garden Spaces has carved a niche in designing and building soundproof music rooms, making them the preferred choice for professional musicians, music teachers, producers, bands, and those who simply want the perfect environment to listen to music.

As one of the industry’s longest-standing bespoke garden room designers, Garden Spaces is known for its custom approach. Engaging in comprehensive consultations with clients, their designers take time to understand the specific needs of a garden music studio and the desired noise reduction levels. Clients actively participate in decisions regarding studio size, door and window configuration, and other specific details, ensuring a truly tailored acoustic room.

A hallmark of Garden Spaces’ music rooms is their stylish, contemporary aesthetic. Employing SIPs (Structural Insulated Panels) ensures a well-insulated core structure for all-season comfort. While their standard multi-layer build provides substantial sound insulation, they also offer four distinct acoustic packages for varying noise reduction needs. Clients have the flexibility to customise these packages to suit their specific acoustic preferences.

Garden Spaces can incorporate acoustic layers throughout the floor, walls, and roof structures. They’re skilled in decoupling the interior from the core structure, essentially creating a ‘room within a room.’ Below, you’ll find images detailing this multi-layer build-up, which incorporates rubber decouplers, resilient bars, acoustic mineral wool insulation, and dual layers of acoustic plasterboard separated by a rubber membrane. Garden Spaces lists each layer in their detailed specification list, which you can view here.

Recognising that glazing can compromise soundproofing, Garden Spaces innovatively balances the need for light and views with sound insulation. They offer double-skinned windows with acoustic glazing and have designed an acoustic porch with dual doors fitted with specialised acoustic seals, enhancing the room’s soundproofing capabilities. Clients often opt for an external aluminium-framed glass door with a solid acoustic door inside, but some clients have chosen the option of two glazed doors.

For added comfort, Garden Spaces offers different heating and cooling solutions like slimline wall heaters, underfloor heating, and whisper-quiet air conditioning systems. These can be equipped with smart Wi-Fi controllers for easy temperature adjustment. An acoustic ventilation system is also available.

Given that cutting into the wall structure for electrics can compromise soundproofing, Garden Spaces recommends surface-mounted electrical fittings. They collaborate with clients to tailor the electrical specifications, offering a variety of lighting styles and positioning power sockets just where you want them.

For a truly bespoke music studio, Garden Spaces presents a wide range of personalisation options. Including a variety of exterior cladding finishes, that include both durable timber finishes and high-spec composite boards and crisp render finishes.

Garden Spaces acoustic studios are designed with Permitted Development compliance in mind. Should a project necessitate planning approval or Building Control sign-off, the Garden Spaces team will manage the entire process.


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Examples of Garden Spaces acoustic layers

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Examples of Garden Spaces exterior finishes

Garden Spaces offers an impressive selection of exterior finishes for their soundproof music rooms. For those looking for a long-lasting timber aesthetic, Western Red Cedar or Thermowood cladding is available. Both these timbers are highly durable, even if left untreated. They gracefully transition to a silvery grey hue, but if you’d prefer to retain their original shade longer, Garden Spaces can treat them with Danish Oil during installation. This oil not only offers UV protection but also enhances the cladding with a gentle sheen, accentuating its grain pattern.

Black acoustic studios have grown in popularity, a trend clearly evident from the examples in the gallery above. Garden Spaces provides an option to stain the cladding black, and when paired with black door and window frames, it exudes a powerful contemporary vibe.

Garden Spaces stands out as one of the few providers of rendered soundproof studios. They employ a pigmented resin render, eliminating the need for painting and ensuring superior water repellency. Their three-coat silicone render system is available in two finishes and an assortment of colours, allowing you to select your preferred aesthetic.

Other exterior finish options include stone cladding, a choice that adds significant character, and composite cladding, which guarantees a no-maintenance finish. Within their composite options, customers can choose from Cedral Click, a cement fibre board available in a range of colours and featuring a contemporary smooth surface, or a composite wood board featuring a modern, slatted profile.

Cement particle boards are another offering—these robust boards require minimal upkeep and can be colour-matched with the doors and window frames. They are a popular choice for boundary-facing walls.

Garden Spaces can incorporate decking into their designs for acoustic studios and offer a range of material options. The most popular choice is low-maintenance composite decking, harmonising with door and window frames. However, if timber appeals more to you, there’s Thermowood decking, as well as the beautiful hardwood Balau decking, selected specifically for its compatibility with the UK’s climate.

Garden Spaces completes their soundproof music rooms with an EPDM roof covering. This rubber membrane is celebrated for its longevity and minimal maintenance needs. Being fitted as a singular piece, it eliminates joint vulnerabilities, guarding against potential leaks. The finishing touch? Aluminium kerbing, colour-matched with the door and window frames, weaving together the entire palette of external finishes.

Examples of Garden Spaces interior finishes

Inside, the acoustic rooms by Garden Spaces boast high-spec plastered and decorated finishes, as evident in photographs from various projects. They offer a diverse range of flooring options from durable laminate to elegant engineered wood and even specialist rubber flooring. Combined with the plastered walls, these choices result in a bright, contemporary space.

While soundproof music rooms typically minimise glazing, Garden Spaces ensures you don’t have to compromise on natural light and garden views. Their options include fixed-pane, double-skinned windows with acoustic glazing, and a uniquely developed acoustic porch that can integrate a glazed door. Their broad range of glazing choices includes French doors, sliding doors, and bi-fold doors. Whether you prefer full-height windows or smaller ones positioned at desk level, they’ve got you covered.

Electrical requirements are adeptly met through Garden Spaces’ tailored electrical packages. They thoughtfully place power sockets and lighting to optimise your playing environment. Recognising that in-wall electrics might compromise soundproofing, they suggest surface-mounted fittings. They understand the importance of reliable internet in today’s digital age, so they offer different solutions, including data cabling for a reliable and uninterrupted online connection. For those aiming for a premium multimedia setup, they can weave audio-visual systems into the room design.

To maintain optimal room temperatures, Garden Spaces provides a range of heating and cooling solutions. Their complete climate control systems come with smart controllers, letting you adjust settings through a smartphone app.

With Garden Spaces’ ‘One Stop Shop’ service, they handle all aspects of the project, including groundwork and final connection for the office’s electrics to your house. So, as the installation team leaves the site, your new music studio is ready to move into.