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Timeless Garden Rooms is one of the longest-established names in the garden room industry, boasting over two decades of experience. From their Kent workshops, they’ve designed and built garden music rooms that enhance gardens across the UK.

Their multi-layer construction ensures that Timeless Garden Rooms can serve as comfortable spaces for both enjoying and practising music. As bespoke designers, they take time to understand your vision for the new room, and can add extra layers to further refine the building’s acoustics.

Their acoustic enhancements involve decoupling the room’s interior from its core structure, essentially creating a “room within a room.” Timeless Garden Rooms uses the ReductoClip system, which is 15mm slimmer than typical resilient bar systems, thus conserving interior space. These resilient bars support a dual layer of acoustic plasterboard with a Tecsound membrane sandwiched between them. The room is subsequently plastered and decorated to create a light modern space. Click to see images of the different stages of this build-up.

Timeless Garden Rooms’ signature style is their traditional, pitched roof garden rooms that exude design details and charm. However, those who prefer a more modern look will appreciate their contemporary mono-pitched designs.

For their traditional style, Timeless Garden Rooms use painted exterior weatherboard cladding complemented by Western Red Cedar roof shingles. These shingle roofs are beautifully finished with decorative finials and barge boards. Customers can select the style and configuration of doors and windows, all of which are finished with dressed lead flashing – an attention to detail that sets them apart from competitors.

In contrast, their contemporary range showcases clean, modern lines. The use of Siberian Larch weatherboard cladding brings a textured appearance to the wall, beautifully highlighted by its rich honey hue. This contrasts sharply with the dark grey door and window frames.

Inside, Timeless Garden Rooms gives customers the freedom to make their personal mark. Available finishes include sleek plastered and decorated options or stylish panelling in a range of Farrow & Ball colours. Their traditional designs come with a pitched roofline, creating a vaulted ceiling made even more unique with exposed beams.

Understanding that every customer and garden space is unique, Timeless Garden Rooms collaborates closely with customers on the design. They are adept at tailoring soundproof music rooms to fit every need, from compact designs perfect for a solo musician to large spaces ready for band practice.

To enhance the functionality of the music room, Timeless Garden Rooms can seamlessly integrate cloakrooms, shower rooms, and kitchen areas into their designs. This makes the building fully self-contained. They manage the groundworks to connect these facilities to mains services, as part of their comprehensive turnkey service.

Where projects require planning approval, Timeless Garden Rooms can handle this as part of their overall service. They have a history of successfully working with planners, adapting their designs to meet guidance, and ensuring smooth planning applications. Timeless Garden Rooms also have extensive experience working on projects with Tree Protection Orders or those needing Building Control sign-off.

They handle every aspect of the design and build process, as part of their comprehensive turnkey service.


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Examples of Timeless Garden Rooms exterior finishes

Timeless Garden Rooms’ garden room exteriors are brimming with style and character. They offer two distinct designs: the traditional pitched roof and the contemporary mono-pitched variant.

Their traditional pitched roof designs feature painted weatherboard cladding, allowing you to select the paint colour that best fits your style. These tapered cladding boards create textured, interesting walls. The roofs, finished with Western Red Cedar shingles, not only add character but also ensure longevity without the need for frequent maintenance. Additional decorative touches include barge boards on the gable ends and finials on both roof ends.

Timeless Garden Rooms offer customers the freedom to select the style of doors and windows and determine their placement. As the accompanying photos reveal, the style of glazing significantly impacts the building’s overall appearance. A lovely feature in Timeless Garden Rooms’ traditional designs is the dressed lead flashing beneath the windows, a detail rarely found in other garden room designs.

Recognising the appeal of sheltered outdoor areas, Timeless Garden Rooms offers the option to integrate porches and covered verandas into their designs.

But it’s not all about tradition. Timeless Garden Rooms also excel in contemporary design. Their mono-pitched roof models are finished with Siberian Larch weatherboard cladding. This tapered weatherboard design adds more depth and personality than the standard tongue & groove cladding profile seen elsewhere in the market. Siberian Larch, known for its resistance to rot and fungal decay, has a warm honey tone that gracefully ages to a silver-grey, all the while maintaining its durability.

The roof of the modern range is finished with a one-piece EPDM membrane. This ensures that there are no joints vulnerable to potential leaks, and the rubber membrane promises a long, maintenance-free life.

To complement the contemporary style of their Larch-clad rooms, Timeless Garden Rooms opts for dark grey uPVC doors and windows. A browse through the images above will show that they offer a versatile range of door styles and window shapes, allowing you to craft your perfect look.

Examples of Timeless Garden Rooms interior finishes

As the photo gallery above illustrates, Timeless Garden Rooms boasts a stylish interior aesthetic that stands out in the industry. The Timeless team works hand-in-hand with you to design an interior tailored to your preferences. For those looking to infuse distinctive character into their room space, there’s the option of wood panelling that can be finished in Farrow & Ball colours. Alternatively, if you’re aiming for a sleek, modern touch, they also offer a plastered and decorated finish.

The vaulted ceiling in their traditional designs gives the garden music room a light and airy feel. The exposed roof beams add a layer of character to the space. Roof windows can be incorporated into the design, not only offering views of the sky but also enhancing the garden room with natural top light.

Their pitched roofline design offers the opportunity to include a mezzanine level in the garden room. Several Timeless Garden Rooms customers have embraced this feature, using it to create sleeping decks or additional storage areas.

Recognising the unique needs of every client, Timeless Garden Rooms customises the electrical specifications for each garden room. They’ll collaborate with you on the number and placement of power sockets. Also, they can integrate Ethernet points that connect directly to your home’s router, ensuring a reliable internet connection. To streamline the process, Timeless Garden Rooms handles the final electrical connection between the garden room and your home—a task that many competitors often ask clients to coordinate with another company.