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Let’s find the companies who can bring ‘your vision’ for annexe living to reality

Constructing a self-contained living annexe in your garden is an increasingly popular option among families seeking to provide independent living space for relatives or to establish guest accommodation. This directory has been crafted to assist you in locating the companies capable of transforming your garden annexe vision into reality. While some annexe providers operate nationwide, others concentrate their services within specific counties. By applying the filters below and clicking ‘Search’, you can effortlessly identify the companies serving your County.

When exploring your choices, it becomes apparent that there are two methods for securing approval for a garden annexe. Some companies construct their annexes as permanent structures, necessitating Full Householder Planning Approval and adherence to Building Regulations. Alternatively, some design their buildings as Mobile Homes under the Caravan Act and obtain a Lawful Development Certificate (LDC). A few companies may explore both avenues simultaneously to enhance the likelihood of obtaining approval. To aid your search, we’ve included a filter to help you distinguish between companies based on their approach to planning approval.

The search results will showcase a variety of architectural styles. You’ll find companies specialising in modern, sleek designs as well as those offering traditional architectural elements. The results will present options featuring both mono-pitched and dual-pitched rooflines. Many companies present pre-designed models that can be tailored to your preferences, while others provide a bespoke design service. This variety ensures that you can find a solution that aligns perfectly with your aesthetic and functional needs.


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