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Miniature Manors is experienced in crafting liveable garden annexe buildings. These annexes serve a variety of purposes, ranging from guest accommodation to providing independent living spaces for older and younger family members to creating holiday accommodation.

Miniature Manors provides a comprehensive turnkey service, managing the entire project from the initial design to the final handover of a move-in-ready annexe. This service encompasses the planning approval process, where they have maintained a 100% success rate, as well as overseeing all necessary groundworks and connections for kitchens and shower rooms. Additionally, they ensure that all work is fully compliant and signed off by Building Control, guaranteeing not only the functionality but also the legality and safety of the annexe.

Miniature Manors has been crafting bespoke garden annexes since 2008. Based in Sussex, they concentrate their efforts in Surrey, East Sussex, and West Sussex. This regional focus enables their team of designers and craftsmen to devote ample attention to each project they work on.

As bespoke designers, Miniature Manors works closely with each client. They take the time to understand how you envision using your garden annexe, ascertain the optimal size for your needs and the available space, and discuss the features you’d like to include. This personalised approach means that no two Miniature Manors garden annexes are the same, as evidenced by the diversity in the images you’ll explore on this page.

Miniature Manors excels in tailoring the layout of each building to the client’s specific needs. They can install partition walls to create multiple rooms, offering options for additional living space, storage areas, a cloakroom, or a shower room. They are adept at fitting shower rooms and kitchens, managing all connections to mains services, and ensuring compliance with Building Control regulations, all part of their comprehensive turnkey service.

What sets Miniature Manors apart in the market is their versatility in creating both sleek, contemporary designs and buildings with traditional detailing. Their team of skilled carpenters can craft a variety of roof styles, including mono-pitched, dual-pitched, and more complex hipped rooflines.

For exterior finishes, Miniature Manors provides a broad spectrum of options, ranging from durable timbers like Western Red Cedar to high-quality composite materials and corrugated metal cladding. They also offer the addition of living roof coverings on their mono-pitched designs and a variety of tiling choices for pitched roofs.

Internally, Miniature Manors offers a high standard of finish, featuring plastered and decorated walls and ceiling, complemented by durable laminate or engineered wood flooring. For those seeking a more minimalist aesthetic, they also offer interiors finished in beautifully detailed Birch plywood.

Miniature Manors offer a comprehensive turnkey service, managing every aspect of a project from the initial design conception to the final connections to mains services. Leaving you with a move-in ready garden home.


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Planning Approval & Building Regulations

Miniature Manors service encompasses the planning approval process, where they have maintained a 100% success rate. They also obtain Building Control sign-off for the building.

Design Options

Bespoke Design

Installation Service

Turnkey – everything, including the foundation and final connections

Core Structure

Traditional Insulated Timber Frames

Examples of Miniature Manors exterior finishes

Miniature Manors provides an extensive selection of exterior cladding options and profiles, enabling clients to craft a distinctive appearance for their garden room. For those who envision a timber finish, Miniature Manors offers various durable options, including Redwood and Western Red Cedar, known for their low maintenance requirements.

For clients seeking a maintenance-free solution that retains its aesthetic appeal over the long term, Miniature Manors offers composite cladding choices. These include composite wood finishes and cement fibre boards, available in a range of colours and profiles, including on-trend slatted designs.

Miniature Manors is happy to integrate clients’ ideas into their designs. Over the years, this has included replicating design details from the clients’ main house onto the garden room’s exterior or incorporating a green wall into a garden office design.

In their mono-pitched designs, Miniature Manors can incorporate a living roof covering, providing year-round interest and establishing a valuable natural ecosystem on the roof.

For pitched roof designs, Miniature Manors offers a variety of tiling options. The photos above showcase a hipped roof design finished with clay tiles, illustrating Miniature Manors’ attention to detail in crafting their pitched roofs.

Examples of Miniature Manors interior finishes

Miniature Manors ensures that their garden annexes are completed to a high standard internally, comparable to that of a newly built house. The walls and ceiling are meticulously plastered and decorated, complemented by durable laminate or engineered wood flooring. This combination results in a modern and inviting room where natural light bounces around the room, as depicted in these photographs.

For those looking for a minimalist, contemporary aesthetic, Miniature Manors also offers interiors crafted from Birch plywood. Each board is carefully detailed with shadow gap detailing, lending a distinctive and unique appearance to the room.

During the design phase, Miniature Manors collaborates closely with clients to determine the optimal layout of doors and windows, ensuring they meet your specific requirements. They provide a choice between aluminium-framed and uPVC options.

The electrical specification is another area where Miniature Manors exhibits flexibility, tailoring it to how you intend to use your room. This includes both interior and exterior lighting, as well as a hardwired internet connection for reliable Wi-Fi connectivity. Additionally, Miniature Manors offers a range of heating solutions, including air conditioning, to maintain a comfortable temperature throughout the year.

Miniature Manors’ turnkey service includes the final electrical connection between the garden annexe and your house. This comprehensive approach sets them apart from many competitors, who often require clients to arrange this aspect of the project with another company.

Miniature Manors can incorporate a kitchen into their designs

If you’re looking to enhance the functionality of your garden annexe, Miniature Manors can seamlessly integrate a kitchen into the design. Rather than offering a one-size-fits-all approach, they instead collaborate with you to tailor the kitchen area to your specific requirements. Whether you want a compact setup for preparing drinks and snacks or a more extensive arrangement complete with appliances for meal preparation, Miniature Manors ensures your needs are met.

As a key aspect of their comprehensive turnkey service, Miniature Manors’ skilled plumber and electrician will handle all necessary connections to the mains services. This process ensures that your kitchen space is not only aesthetically pleasing but also fully functional and ready for use.

Miniature Manors can incorporate shower room into their designs

Miniature Manors is skilled in integrating a cloakroom or shower room into their garden annexe designs, thus enhancing functionality and future-proofing the space. Rather than offer a one-size-fits-all shower room option, ​​Miniature Manors work closely with clients, designing a cloakroom or shower room that meets your specific needs & tastes.

Unlike many other companies, Miniature Manors provides a comprehensive service that includes handling connections to the mains services. As part of their turnkey solution, their qualified plumber and electrician will ensure that your bathroom is fully connected to the mains services, leaving you with a completely functional bathroom space.