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Creating a dedicated creative space in your garden, usable throughout the year, is a key motivation for many when acquiring a garden room. These adaptable structures can be tailored to suit both your artistic workflow and the space constraints of your garden.

When designing your art and craft studio, you enjoy considerable flexibility in customising its layout and features. Strategic window placement can ensure optimal natural light and inspiring views, vital for any creative space. Moreover, thanks to the insulated, multi-layered construction of these studios, your artwork and materials will be stored under ideal conditions.

Our directory features a diverse array of art and craft studio providers, encompassing companies that offer services throughout the UK and those focused on specific counties. Use the filters below to peruse options in your locality, which include pre-designed, modular, and bespoke designs, all accompanied by professional installation. Additionally, for the DIY enthusiasts, we list companies that offer self-build kits.

To initiate your search, simply select your county and detail your design preferences. Don’t forget to mention any unique challenges your site may present. After clicking “Search”, we will display a list of companies matching your requirements, each adept at bringing your vision for a garden studio to life.
Explore the results to gain more insights and discover how these companies incorporate various design elements into their garden studios.


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