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Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited is a well-established, family-run business, specialising in contemporary, cedar-clad insulated garden rooms that create comfortable art and craft studios. Offering a bespoke service, they can craft your ideal creative space, whether it’s a compact pod or a larger structure. The Crusoe team can incorporate partition walls to create multiple rooms, perfect for buildings serving multiple purposes.

Over the years, Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited have designed creative studios for a diverse range of artists from painters to potters. With each studio, they have worked closely with their client to position windows to frame inspiring views and maximise natural working light. They have also been able to incorporate valuable storage for finished work.

Led by Trevor & Emma, Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited distinguishes itself in the industry by personally overseeing each project from start to finish. In contrast to many competitors who use external contractors, Crusoe’s in-house team constructs each garden studio on-site. This approach ensures consistent quality and craftsmanship and allows each team member to become intimately familiar with the unique aspects of your project.

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited is known for tailoring garden art studios to precise client specifications. Designing a garden studio with them is not just about ‘ticking boxes’ on an order form; it’s a collaborative process with Trevor, the Director, ensuring your vision is realised.

On their website, Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited features a section showcasing their different ranges. These pages, detailing various building sizes, specifications, features, and prices, serve as a starting point for your personalised design. Trevor will discuss with you the size, layout, and features you wish to include, ensuring your ideal space is created.

Each room is constructed on-site using traditional timber framing techniques, resulting in a multi-layered structure with house-quality doors and windows. This guarantees a comfortable space usable throughout the year.

Externally, Crusoe opts for Western Red Cedar cladding, a durable timber known for its natural colour and low-maintenance longevity. It beautifully complements garden landscapes and ages gracefully to a silver-grey, ensuring a lasting, maintenance-free exterior.

For those looking to maximise their budget without compromising on style, Crusoe’s Fusion concept is an ideal choice. This design combines Western Red Cedar on the more visible elevations with durable, painted exterior-grade plywood on the less visible walls, offering both cost-effectiveness and contemporary style.

Internally, Crusoe finishes their rooms to a high standard, with plastered and decorated walls and ceiling, combined with durable laminate flooring. Their skilled electricians work closely with clients to devise a bespoke lighting and electrical plan, tailored to individual needs and preferences. They also manage the final connection between the garden studio and the main house, ensuring immediate usability upon completion.

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited is skilled in incorporating unique features into their designs. For example, several clients have chosen wood burners for their rooms. In these instances, the Crusoe team collaborates with wood burner specialists, ensuring seamless integration compliant with Building Regulations.

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited provides an all-inclusive quoted price, covering the entire project. This approach allows clients to relax and watch their dream garden room materialise, free from concerns about hidden costs or unexpected surprises.


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Examples of Crusoe Garden Rooms exterior finishes

A signature detail of Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited’s work is their use of Western Red Cedar cladding. This can be installed either vertically or horizontally, depending on your preferred aesthetic. Western Red Cedar is an exceptionally durable softwood timber known for its natural resistance to rot and fungal attack. It boasts a long lifespan, spanning decades. Beyond its durability, Western Red Cedar is favoured in garden office design for its visual appeal. Initially, the boards exhibit a beautiful reddish-brown hue. Over time, they gracefully weather to a soft silvery grey colour, a transformation that does not diminish the wood’s natural durability.

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited pairs the Cedar cladding with either black or Anthracite Grey doors, window frames, and roof trims, achieving a sophisticated and contemporary finish.

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited also offers the innovative Crusoe Fusion exterior concept. This design combines Western Red Cedar on the more prominent elevations with exterior grade plywood on the less visible walls. The plywood is painted to match the doors and window frames, ensuring a seamless and contemporary look. The gallery showcases examples of how Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited meticulously details the joints between the two finishes.

The Crusoe Fusion concept is an excellent choice for those looking to maximise their budget by allocating the most expensive materials to the most visible areas of the building.

Understanding the dual role of exterior lighting in both functionality and aesthetics, Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited includes it alongside doors as a standard feature. Additionally, they can integrate LED lighting into the roof canopy, further enhancing the garden room’s design and ambience.

Examples of Crusoe Garden Rooms interior finishes

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited finishes the interior of their rooms to a high standard, mirroring the quality and look of a newly built house. This includes plastered and decorated walls and ceilings, complemented by durable laminate flooring. The signature floor-to-ceiling glazing detail ensures that each Crusoe room is bathed in natural light, as evident from the accompanying photographs.

Throughout the design process, the Crusoe team collaborates closely with clients to tailor the electrical specification of their garden room. This bespoke approach allows for electrical sockets and lighting to be strategically placed to suit individual working styles, rather than conforming to a standard layout. Their skilled electrician is happy to integrate clients’ ideas such as smart switches and data cabling, creating a modern, fully-connected space.

As a key component of their comprehensive service, Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited’s electrician will install the necessary cabling between the garden studio and your home, ensuring compliance with Part P of the Building Regulations. A certificate of compliance will be issued upon completion of the work.

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited prides itself on its ability to customise building specifications to meet individual needs. For example, if enhancing the sound quality of your room is a priority, they can replace the standard plasterboard with an acoustic variant.

Each Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited building is fitted with a wall-mounted electric heater, perfect for maintaining warmth during the coldest days of the year. However, if you prefer an alternative heating solution, they are more than willing to accommodate this in the design. For instance, many clients have opted for a wood burner. While the Crusoe team does not install these themselves, they collaborate with wood burner specialists to incorporate the necessary fireproof elements and design the structure to support a chimney flue.