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Garden2Office is a long-established company that uses a Swedish insulated timber frame system to construct its four distinct ranges. The Friggebod, SportsKabin, and Kapsel ranges all feature mono-pitched rooflines under 2.5m high, making them suitable for Permitted Development projects. The Malmö range, on the other hand, boasts a dual-pitched roofline with standing seam metal roofing, encapsulating Scandinavian style.

Every range from Garden2Office is perfectly suited for an art or craft studio. With the flexibility to position doors and windows wherever you prefer, including in the roof, you can craft a modern studio space. Its multi-layer insulated structure, paired with double-glazed doors and windows, ensures year-round comfort and usability.

When collaborating with Garden2Office, you begin by selecting a range. The team then assists in customising the size, configuring doors and windows, and selecting interior and exterior finishes that align with your style.

Garden2Office are able to add partition walls to divide the floorplan of their buildings into multiple rooms. Many customers choose to add a second room for use as a storage area, which can have its own external access. You could also enhance the usability of your studio space by adding a cloakroom. Alongside offering cloakrooms that are connected to the mains services, Garden2Office also offer modern waterless toilets which are a cost-effective way of adding a toilet to a garden art studio.

Garden2Office’s Swedish building system is made up of several layers. An insulated timber framework is faced on each side with plywood, making a strong panel. Once the exterior and interior finishes are added, the walls are a thick multi-layer structure that creates a comfortable room to spend time in all year round.

From the accompanying images, it’s clear that Garden2Office designs exude a modern aesthetic, a testament to their Scandinavian heritage. Personalising your structure is easy, with a wide range of exterior finishes chosen for both visual appeal and durability.

Garden2Office also offer a range of interior finishes, including crisp plastered and decorated finishes and plywood-lined rooms which can enhance the Scandi vibe. You will notice as you scroll through the photos above that the pitched roof Malmö range creates an interior space with an impressive vaulted ceiling.

Garden2Office works closely with customers on the electrical specification of their garden art studios, so you can plug in and start work as soon as the building is completed. As standard, you will find a plentiful supply of power sockets and LED lighting, with the option to incorporate feature lighting if you wish. For a reliable internet connection, Garden2Office can run an Ethernet cable between your home router and the garden studio. Garden2Office can also install burglar alarms, as an extra layer of protection for your studio space. There are several heating options to choose from, including underfloor heating and air conditioning.

Garden2Office handle the whole build process for clients, from installing the foundation system to connecting the garden studio’s electrical system to the mains supply in your house. Leaving clients with a ready-to-use creative space.

Garden2Office also offers self-build options, providing all the benefits of a tried and tested building system, combined with the challenge of constructing the room yourself.


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Examples of Garden2Office exterior finishes

Browsing the photos, you will see that Garden2Office provides a diverse palette of exterior cladding options. Each style not only lends a distinctive look but also promises long-term durability.

Garden2Office’s Larch and Cedar claddings are popular due to their modern aesthetics and long, low-maintenance lifespan. These woods gradually turn silvery grey as they weather, but this doesn’t diminish the board’s durability. If retaining the wood’s natural colour is your preference, Garden2Office can coat it with UV-protective oil during installation.

For those seeking an exterior with added depth and character, the rebated weatherboard cladding from Garden2Office is a great fit. You can choose the colour it is finished in. Opting for black is a popular option, as it looks especially good paired with matching black doors and windows.

Composite claddings from Garden2Office are perfect for those who are looking for a maintenance-free choice. Unlike timber, which alters in colour over time, composite retains its new appearance, eliminating the need for repaints. Garden2Office offer several board profiles and a variety of colours.

Corrugated metal cladding, finished in a sophisticated dark grey, enhances the contemporary feel of Garden2Office’s buildings. As you will see in the gallery above, some customers choose to use this low-maintenance option on hidden walls, paired with timber claddings on the prominent walls.

Garden2Office’s flat roof designs feature an EPDM roof covering. This is a high-spec rubber membrane which is fitted in one piece so there are no joints that could leak. With their pitched roof Malmö range, the roof is finished in a Swedish metal roofing system with standing seam detail. This finish enhances the Scandinavian aesthetic of Garden2Office’s buildings. Garden2Office also offer other tiled finishes for the Malmö, if you are looking for a more traditional look.

Examples of Garden2Office interior finishes

The Garden2Office team will work with you to create the interior finish for your garden art studio just as you envision it. They’re experts at crafting rooms with that sought-after Scandinavian vibe. As standard, they offer crisp plastered walls and ceilings combined with wooden flooring.

Looking for a room with a more natural appearance? They can line the room with plywood for a contemporary flair or use timber tongue & groove cladding to evoke a cosy cabin feel.

Garden2Office will paint the walls in your chosen colour. As evident in the gallery above, this flexibility means each of their projects boasts its unique style.

You can select the glazing configuration for your Garden2Office building. They use high-spec Scandinavian doors and windows. There’s also an option to opt for triple-glazed units for superior thermal and acoustic performance. You’ll notice from the images that glazing plays a significant role in Garden2Office’s aesthetic. Not every company offers the option of large picture windows or bi-fold windows which can open up a large section of the wall – a fantastic feature.

Many people, as you’ll see in the examples above, choose to integrate skylights into their Garden2Office creative space. These roof windows guarantee a naturally light workspace.

With their pitched roof Malmö range, the interior has a vaulted ceiling. This design feature offers a much airier ambience than rooms with conventional flat ceilings. The pitched roofline presents the chance to introduce a mezzanine level, perfect as a sleeping deck or storage area. Garden2Office can include balustrading for safety and a ladder for convenient access.

Garden2Office collaborates with every customer to design the perfect electrical specification for their project. Besides installing LED lighting, they can add feature lighting such as a pendant, working with you to decide the ideal location in the room. Plenty of power sockets are integrated into a garden studio, and data cabling can be installed to ensure a reliable internet connection between your home router and the studio.

The multi-layer Swedish framework of Garden2Office buildings, paired with double-glazed doors and windows, results in a well-insulated structure. For added comfort during the chilliest days, Garden2Office offers a variety of heating options, including underfloor heating and Wi-Fi-controllable air conditioning units.