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Let’s find the companies who can help create ‘your ideal’ home exercise space 

Buying a garden room for use as a home gym brings with it a unique set of requirements in terms of structural design and features you want to include. It’s crucial to collaborate with a company that comprehends the specific needs of a home gym. Our directory is designed to help you find companies that specialise in creating home gyms, yoga studios, and similar exercise spaces.

The directory encompasses a range of companies offering gym buildings across the UK, including those with a focus on specific counties. Use the filters below to explore options in your region, featuring pre-designed, modular, and bespoke designs, all accompanied by professional installation. For the DIY enthusiasts, we also include companies that provide self-build kits.

Within the directory, you’ll find a variety of designs, from mono-pitched rooflines to dual-pitched structures that offer increased headroom, ideal for gym equipment use. For those preferring a mono-pitched design, many bespoke designers can create buildings exceeding the standard 2.5m height and assist in obtaining planning approval.

To start your search, simply select your county and outline your design preferences. Be sure to mention any unique challenges your site might present. After clicking “Search”, we will display a list of companies matching your specifications, each capable of bringing your garden gym vision to life. Explore the results for further insights and to see how these companies integrate different design elements into their garden gyms.


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