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Led by the husband-and-wife team, Ivana and Lukas, A Room in the Garden is passionate about crafting bespoke garden gyms that perfectly match their clients’ individual needs. In addition to their custom designs, they also offer pre-designed ranges filled with popular features inspired by their bespoke creations.

Exploring the gallery of projects above, it’s clear that A Room in the Garden pays careful attention to both the intended use of the space and the unique attributes of each client’s garden, ensuring a truly personalised exercise space.

In terms of construction, they employ Structural Insulated Panels (SIPs). These panels form a sturdy and highly insulated core structure, guaranteeing a comfortable workout space regardless of the season.

With architect Lukas at the helm, their design team is adept at maximising space, turning even the smallest areas into functional exercise areas. They don’t just stick to conventional designs; they’re skilled in deviating from standard shapes, introducing angled walls to optimise space or to weave in unique design features.

The team is also adept at integrating additional features such as kitchenettes, cloakrooms, and full shower rooms into their designs. Their turnkey service includes managing all associated groundwork and connections, ensuring a smooth, hassle-free experience from start to finish.

A Room in the Garden’s turnkey service doesn’t stop there. They assist with planning approvals and Building Regulation sign-offs when required. The team takes charge of every project, overseeing each stage from installing the foundation to the finishing touches of the interior decoration and connecting all necessary utilities. Resulting in customers being left with a garden gym that’s ready to move into and enjoy.


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Structural Insulated Panels

Examples of A Room in the Garden exterior finishes

When it comes to the exterior, A Room in the Garden offers a wide range of low-maintenance cladding finishes. Whether you prefer a durable timber finish or a high-spec composite finish, they’ve got you covered. With a flair for blending different cladding finishes and incorporating materials like charred timber or outdoor wallpaper, A Room in the Garden creates eye-catching buildings.

In addition to timber and composite claddings, A Room in the Garden also provides brick and stone finishes that add texture and character to the building. The option of corrugated metal cladding presents another way to incorporate texture into the exterior, providing a stylish, cost-effective, and low-maintenance choice.

The team at A Room in the Garden is dedicated to bringing customers’ ideas to life. As you scroll through these photos, you’ll notice how they integrated one customer’s fondness for rabbits into the exterior cladding design, creating a distinct and stylish aesthetic.

Recognising that the choice of doors and windows significantly affects the style and functionality of a garden gym, A Room in the Garden offers a variety of door and window styles. They’ll work closely with you to configure the layout.

A Room in the Garden provides door and window options with uPVC, aluminium, or timber frames. uPVC frames offer durability and cost-effectiveness. Aluminium frames typically have a slimmer profile, allowing for larger glazing areas.

Exterior lighting comes standard with A Room in the Garden designs. If you look around their website, you’ll find numerous images showcasing how their buildings look at night. Their design team has a keen eye for lighting, strategically placing exterior lights to accentuate key areas of the building and extend usability into the evening.

A Room in the Garden can collaborate with you to expand the area around your garden gym by adding decked seating areas, verandas, and steps. They offer Redwood timber decking, which can last for up to 30 years with some maintenance. They also provide composite wood decking, a durable, low-maintenance option. Composite decking is coloured during the manufacturing process and maintains its appearance without the need for painting.

Examples of A Room in the Garden interior finishes

The A Room in the Garden team collaborates with each client to shape the interior of their dream home gym. As a standard, they provide a high-spec plastered and decorated finish, painted in your preferred shade. Paired with your flooring of choice, this finish creates a light and airy workspace, as shown in these images.

In addition to this, A Room in the Garden provides the option of plywood interiors. Check out the gallery above to see how this finish lends a chic, minimalist look to the space. Each joint is meticulously detailed by A Room in the Garden’s skilled team for a polished aesthetic.

They offer an extensive array of flooring options to suit your needs. They offer high-quality laminate flooring, available in a variety of finishes. For cloakrooms or shower rooms, they recommend stone or tiles and will collaborate with you to create the look you envision.

They also offer specialist rubber gym flooring which is a popular choice because of its impact resistance and bounce.

Every garden gym from A Room in the Garden comes with a comprehensive electrical package. As part of their turnkey service, a certified electrician handles the installation and final connection of the garden gym’s electrics to your house. During the design stage, they’ll work with you to plan the electrical layout. The choice is yours when it comes to the finish of switches and sockets, which can feature USB charging points. For added convenience, they can fit smart switches, enabling you to manage your garden gym’s electrics with timers or voice control. While LED lighting is a standard feature, they can also accommodate your preference for wall lighting or pendant lights.

Thanks to the Structural Insulated Panel (SIPs) core structure, A Room in the Garden garden gyms offer excellent thermal efficiency. To boost comfort levels year-round, they offer an array of heating and cooling options. Choose from sleek electric wall panel heaters, unobtrusive underfloor heating, or heating and cooling systems that let you maintain your perfect exercising temperature.