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Hargreaves Garden Spaces is experienced in creating home gym buildings tailored to how clients like to exercise. They have developed small gym buildings to accommodate a treadmill and exercise bike, larger rooms equipped with weights and resistance equipment, and bespoke designs that include features like a sunken infinity swimming pool.

Hargreaves Garden Spaces can utilise a range of foundation systems and will advise on the best solution for your project after assessing the intended site and understanding the types of gym equipment you plan to use. They offer a bespoke design service, so if you require a taller-than-standard garden room to increase the headroom of your gym, they can design this and assist you in obtaining the necessary planning approval.

Hargreaves Garden Spaces, led by Andrew and Claire Hargreaves, will guide you from initial garden gym ideas through the design process to the final electrical connection, ensuring you are left with a finished room as the installation team leaves the site.

Hargreaves Garden Spaces offers four ranges, each of which can be customised to meet your specific requirements in terms of size, configuration of doors and windows, and finishes. For those seeking something unique, Hargreaves Garden Spaces also provides a bespoke design service.

The four ranges include:

  • The Balmoral is a contemporary design with a roof canopy detail that extends along the front elevation.
  • The Kensington offers a crisp, contemporary appearance. A combination of crisp render and Canadian Western Red Cedar on the front elevation creates a distinctive look that stands out in the market.
  • The Windsor is a stylish design with a recessed front wall framed by a deep roof canopy and striking tapered cheek walls.
  • The Composite features a canopy detail along the front wall and maintenance-free composite cladding.

More information and a pricing table for different sizes can be found on each range’s page.

Each garden gym from Hargreaves Garden Spaces is constructed with a multi-layer, insulated traditional timber framework. Together with double-glazed doors and windows, this construction ensures a comfortable workspace throughout the year.

Hargreaves Garden Spaces offers a variety of cladding finishes, including popular options like Western Red Cedar and composite cladding. They are happy to mix and match cladding finishes to achieve your desired look and help maximise your budget.

Internally, the walls and ceiling of their garden gyms are plasterboarded and skimmed, complemented by laminate flooring and skirting boards, creating a room akin to those found in new-build houses. They can also divide the floor plan to create multiple rooms, a popular choice for those needing additional storage space alongside the workout space.

During the design consultation, the Hargreaves Garden Spaces team will discuss the electrical specification which they can tailor to your needs. Their turnkey service includes managing the final electrical connection between the garden gym and your house.

Hargreaves Garden Spaces garden gyms are designed to comply with Permitted Development regulations, but support is available for navigating planning permission and Building Control approvals if needed.

In addition to their multi-layer garden gyms, Hargreaves Garden Spaces offers a range of quality insulated log cabin designs as a cost-effective alternative to full garden room specifications. These cabins feature 44mm interlocking timber walls, uPVC double-glazed doors and windows, and an EPDM roof covering.


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Examples of Hargreaves Garden Spaces exterior finishes

Hargreaves Garden Spaces offers a range of exterior cladding options, allowing you to choose a finish that aligns with your aesthetic preferences and budget. Alongside several durable timber cladding options, they also provide maintenance-free composite cladding finishes.

Hargreaves Garden Spaces can mix cladding finishes on their buildings. For example, you could opt for an expensive finish like Canadian Western Red Cedar on the most visible elevations and a more economical option like Scandinavian Redwood on the less visible walls. Together, these finishes provide a durable, low-maintenance option.

The photos above showcase the distinct appearance each cladding finish offers:

  • Canadian Western Red Cedar is a premium cladding finish beloved for its reddish-brown colour and natural resistance to rot and fungal attack. It is relatively knot-free.
  • British Western Red Cedar shares the natural durability of its Canadian relative but has a lighter, honey-coloured hue and an attractive grain pattern.
  • Scandinavian Redwood is naturally durable against rot and insect attack, making it ideal for exterior cladding. It features a honey-brown colour and a distinctive knotty grain pattern.
  • Composite wood cladding is a low-maintenance alternative to traditional timber finishes. It is made from a mix of timber fibres and resins, creating a dimensionally stable and highly durable board. One of the benefits of composite cladding is that it does not require painting to maintain its colour. Hargreaves Garden Spaces offers their composite cladding in a variety of colours.

With The Kensington range, Hargreaves Garden Spaces pairs Canadian Western Red Cedar with render to create a stylish look. The crisply finished render complements the natural texture of the cedar and the contrasting door frames.

As demonstrated in the photos, Hargreaves Garden Spaces can incorporate exterior lighting into their designs. This will be discussed during the design consultation. Exterior lighting is not only practical but also enhances the garden room’s appearance in the evening.

The low-maintenance approach extends to the choice of uPVC door and window frames and an EPDM roof membrane, which is fitted in one piece to eliminate joints that could be prone to leaks.

Additionally, for those whose budget may not accommodate a multi-layer garden gym structure, Hargreaves Garden Spaces offers insulated log cabin buildings as a cost-effective alternative. These cabins are constructed with interlocking 44mm thick Scandinavian timber walls that require a protective paint finish. This not only ensures durability but also allows for customisation of the exterior colour, offering you the opportunity to put your personal touch on the design, as seen in the gallery above.

Examples of Hargreaves Garden Spaces interior finishes

Internally, Hargreaves Garden Spaces garden gyms have the look and feel of a newly built house, thanks to the plasterboarded and skimmed walls and ceilings. This is complemented by your choice of laminate flooring, finished with skirting boards. These finishes provide a blank canvas for you to personalise the space with furnishings.

Hargreaves Garden Spaces can also incorporate a variety of flooring options into their designs. For example, they have installed porcelain tiles in a swimming pool room, quality vinyl flooring, and specialist rubber gym matting in other projects. They can discuss all available options during a design consultation.

During the design phase, the Hargreaves Garden Spaces team will consult with you on the electrical specifications, including the placement of lighting and power sockets. They use chrome switches and sockets to create a modern look. As part of their turnkey service, Hargreaves Garden Spaces can manage the final electrical connection between the house and the garden gym.

Alongside their multi-layer garden gyms, Hargreaves Garden Spaces also offers well-specified insulated log cabin designs. Constructed with interlocking 44mm thick timbers, they provide a cost-effective alternative if your budget does not extend to a full garden room specification.

With the interlocking log cabin designs, the timber walls are left exposed inside the room. The horizontal grooves between the boards create a modern cabin style. You can choose to leave the walls bare, or they can be painted to suit your taste.