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As you research your options, you'll find a wide variety of garden room and annexe companies. However, delving deeper, you'll realise that many concentrate their operations in just a few counties. This can lead to disappointment if you become interested in a design that isn't available in your area. This is precisely why we established the Garden Room Directory – to prevent you from wasting time on fruitless searches.

All the companies listed on this page have confirmed that they operate in Merseyside. Whether you reside in Liverpool, St Helens, Wirral, Sefton, Knowsley, or the surrounding areas, these firms are ready to assist you with your garden room or annexe project.

As you investigate the options, you may discover that these companies do not have their headquarters in Merseyside. However, this typifies the garden room industry; their teams are prepared to travel to provide design consultations, conduct site surveys, and manage the installation process. Their installation teams have perfected the art of working away from their base, equipped with all the necessary tools and materials for a streamlined construction.

Many of these companies specialise in off-site construction, where the building is pre-manufactured in the company's workshop and then transported to the site for quick assembly. This method significantly reduces on-site construction time. Some companies may only need to be on-site for one or two days, while more complex projects can be completed within three weeks.

Below, you will find companies offering a range of options: from well-defined pre-designed garden rooms and flexible modular ranges, allowing you to mix and match modules for your ideal setup, to bespoke design specialists who are ready to customise a building to suit your intended use and preferences.

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