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Some garden room and annexe companies cover the whole of the UK, while others focus on just one or two counties. Some companies can incorporate design features that others don’t. To help you see the wood from the trees, we have created this directory.

Simply select your county, specify the type of building you plan, highlight any design features you wish to incorporate, and note any site challenges you might face. Then click “Search”. We will provide you with a list of companies capable of bringing your vision to life, along with examples of how they implement various design elements.


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Ark Design Build specialise in bespoke design, allowing them to tailor an art or craft studio to meet your specific requirements. Their well-specified designs ensure comfortable year-round working.

Garden Spaces can create a garden office that meets your specific needs. Whether that involves a particular size, shape, or ideas for design features, you may have.

Miniature Manors are experienced in creating garden workspaces. They offer both contemporary & traditional designs and pitched roof options.

Swift Unlimited designs art and craft studios tailored to your specific requirements, accommodating any preferences for size, shape, and unique design features.

Garden Annexes offers four ranges of annexes, featuring both mono-pitched and dual-pitched roof designs. Each is available in 24 sizes with numerous possible configuration layouts, designs include the kitchen and bathroom. The Garden Annexes team can handle the whole project including the approval process right through to the final connections.

Smart Modular Buildings offer eight ranges ideal as garden gyms, available in over 60 sizes starting from 2.1m x 2.1m. Their modular system offers a lot of flexibility.

Timeless Garden Rooms offer bespoke garden offices full of traditional charm. They also offer contemporary mono-pitched designs.

Modern Garden Rooms offer four ranges of garden office buildings that can be customised to your needs. With sizes from 2.5m x 2m up to 10m x 5m.

The Garden Pod by AMC Garden Rooms is a high-spec small garden room. The size & layout can be tailored to suit you with sizes from 1.5m wide.

Ark Design Build tailor the size and layout of their garden gyms around each client. They can create designs with increased ceiling height, ideal when using the space as a gym.

Garden2Office offer several styles of contemporary buildings that make excellent art and craft studios including a pitched roof option. Each range can be tailored to your requirements.

Sanctum Garden Studios has various small garden room options, including one of the market’s smallest offerings, measuring just 1.8m x 1.8m.

Ark Design Build tailor the size and layout of their garden offices around each client. Their well-specified designs include features like data cabling, as standard.

A Room in the Garden offers a bespoke design service that allows them to tailor a garden gym to your requirements in terms of size, shape and specification. They also offer well-specified pre-designed ranges.

AMC Garden Rooms can incorporate different layers of soundproofing into their designs to enhance the acoustic qualities of the building.

Crusoe Garden Rooms Limited specialise in bespoke Cedar clad buildings and can tailor the acoustic specification around your music room needs.

Bridge Garden Rooms can tailor the size, layout, and features of their annexes to meet your unique needs. As well as standalone annexe buildings they also offer the option of house extensions.

Bridge Garden Rooms boasts one of the largest portfolios of designs, suitable for use as a garden gym. They can tailor the size, layout, and features to meet your unique needs.

Modern Garden Rooms offer four ranges that can be used as art and craft studios. Each range can be customised to your needs. With sizes from 2.5m x 2m up to 10m x 5m and a bespoke design service.

Sanctum Garden Studios offers four ranges of buildings that can be used as home offices. With options from 1.8m x 1.8m up to 9m x 3.5m.

Miniature Manors offer bespoke garden annexes in both contemporary and traditional styles. They offer a turnkey service handling the whole process including obtaining planning approval.