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Don't waste time exploring companies that don't work in your area of the UK.

These companies DO work in South Yorkshire.

As you research your options, you'll find a wide array of garden room and annexe companies. However, a deeper investigation will reveal that many focus their efforts exclusively on a select few counties. This might mean you could become invested in a design that isn't available in your area. To prevent time wasted on fruitless searches, we've created the Garden Room Directory.

The companies listed on this page have informed us they serve South Yorkshire. Whether you reside in Sheffield, Doncaster, Rotherham, Barnsley, or their surrounding areas, these companies can assist with your garden room or annexe project.

As you explore your options, you may find that these companies do not have their headquarters in South Yorkshire. However, this typifies the garden room industry; their teams are prepared to travel to you for design consultations, site surveys, and the installation process. Their installation teams excel at operating away from their base, bringing along all the necessary tools and materials for a streamlined construction process.

Many of these companies specialise in off-site construction, where the building is pre-manufactured in the company's workshop before being delivered to your site for quick assembly. This method significantly reduces on-site construction time. Depending on the project's complexity, some companies might only need to be on-site for a day or two, while more intricate projects could take up to three weeks to complete.

Below, the companies offer a variety of options, including well-specified pre-designed garden rooms, flexible modular ranges that allow you to mix and match modules for your ideal setup, and bespoke design specialists who can tailor a building to suit your intended use and personal tastes.

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