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Creating a dedicated home office or workspace is a popular reason for purchasing a garden room. These versatile buildings can be customised to fit your work style and the available space in your garden, offering the benefits of working from home while maintaining the discipline of a separate workspace.

Garden office buildings come in all sizes from tiny pods designed for one person to large spaces where multiple people can work side by side. If you’re in need of a small office, under 7sqm in size, you’ll find relevant options in this section of our directory.

Showcasing a variety of garden office providers, our directory covers companies offering services across the UK as well as those specialising in specific counties. Utilise the filters below to explore options in your area, which include pre-designed, modular, and bespoke designs, all with professional installation. For those interested in a DIY approach, we also feature companies offering self-build kits.

To begin your search, simply select your county and specify your design preferences. Remember to indicate any unique challenges posed by your site. After clicking “Search”, you’ll see a list of companies that meet your criteria, each capable of realising your garden office vision. Explore the results to gain more insights and discover how these companies incorporate various design elements into their garden rooms.

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