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As bespoke designers, Cosy Garden Rooms can tailor the size of their garden office buildings to meet your specific needs. Their buildings are equally popular among individuals with desk-bound occupations and those running a business from home.

Upon exploring their portfolio, you will discover that Cosy Garden Rooms can design a building tailored to your working style. For instance, they have created a garden room taller than usual for a photography business, enabling the accommodation of lighting and camera rigs. For a nursery school, they designed a building with extensive glass to enhance the indoor-outdoor feel of the space. Similarly, for a flower studio, they crafted two distinct rooms: a main workroom and a separate consultation space.

Cosy Garden Rooms is a dedicated team with extensive experience in the garden room industry, specialising in custom designs tailored to each client’s specific needs. From the initial design to the final handover of a fully functional office, they handle every step, including foundation installation and electrical connections, allowing you to watch your new workspace develop without hassle.

Their bespoke design service ensures that the size, layout, and finishes of your garden office are exactly as you want them. The design journey starts with a detailed consultation with Mark, an experienced garden room designer, who takes the time to understand your vision, how you intend to use the space, and any special features you want to include.

In contrast to many other garden office providers who opt for quicker foundation solutions, Cosy Garden Rooms take the time to install a concrete slab foundation, meaning the whole footprint of the building is supported by the slab foundation. This is the ideal basis for a long-lasting and successful garden office.

Cosy Garden Rooms feature a multi-layered building system centred around an insulated timber frame. This approach creates a durable and robust building that will be comfortable to use every day of the year.

For the exterior, they offer a range of durable finishes, including high-quality timbers such as Western Red Cedar, Redwood, or Larch, as well as maintenance-free options like Hardie Plank cement fibre board or composite wood finishes. This allows you to customise the appearance of your garden office to match your style.

During the design phase, the team works with you to select the best configuration of doors and windows to suit your preferences. Options include uPVC frames available in a variety of colours or high-specification aluminium frames.

Internally, the garden rooms are designed to be light and modern, featuring white ceilings and MDF walls with an attractive grooved detail. MDF is chosen over plasterboard for its durability and resistance to cracking.

Cosy Garden Rooms also tailor an electrical package to suit your specific requirements. You can have input into the positioning of sockets. As well as internal lights recessed into the ceiling, Cosy Garden Rooms can incorporate external lighting into their designs.

If you wish to spread the cost of your garden office building, Cosy Garden Rooms offer finance options.

Every build by Cosy Garden Rooms is backed by a 10-year guarantee, providing you with peace of mind about the quality and durability of your new garden office.


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Examples of Cosy Garden Rooms exterior finishes

Cosy Garden Rooms offer a range of exterior cladding options so you can choose a finish that fits with your intended aesthetic style and the amount of maintenance you want to commit to.

They offer a range of durable timbers including Western Red Cedar, Redwood and Siberian Larch. Each of these timbers is chosen for its aesthetic appeal and long-term durability. Western Red Cedar is prized for its rich reddish-brown colour and knot-free texture. Redwood features comes in reddish-brown to lighter pink tones with a straight, uniform grain. Siberian Larch has a golden to amber hue and has a tight grain with occasional small knots. All these finishes can be left to weather to a silvery grey tone, without affecting the durability of the wood.

For those looking to maintain the new appearance of their garden room or are looking for a finish that requires a minimal maintenance commitment, Cosy Garden Rooms offer composite options. They offer both a cement fibre board called Hardie Plank and composite wood options. Both options are coloured during the manufacturing process and will maintain their colour without the need to repaint. These composite finishes are available in a variety of colours and have an attractive woodgrain texture.

Cosy Garden Rooms offer both uPVC windows and doors and high-spec Aluminium framed options. Doors & windows are available in a range of frame colours so you can pair them with your choice of cladding to create the look you envision.

Completing the low-maintenance exterior finishes is an EPDM roof covering. This rubber membrane is fitted in one section so there are no joints that have the potential to leak. Cosy Garden Rooms finish their roofs with fascias colour matched with the door and window frames for a cohesive look.

Looking at these examples, you will see that many buyers choose to extend the roof beyond the front wall to create a canopy detail. Cosy Garden Rooms can recess exterior grade downlights into this canopy which casts a lovely light down the wall in the evening.

Examples of Cosy Garden Rooms interior finishes

As these photos demonstrate, Cosy Garden Rooms have a stylish modern interior look. White ceilings are paired with MDF walls with a grooved profile. You can choose the colour in which the MDF walls are painted. Cosy Garden Rooms have chosen this MDF over plasterboard as it is a more robust finish that is not susceptible to dents, scuffs and cracks as plastered garden rooms are. It is also a strong, dimensionally stable choice which can easily support your hanging of pictures or shelves.

For the flooring, Cosy Garden Rooms employs a multi-layer structure finished with high-quality laminate, available in various finishes to suit any style preference.

In terms of electrical installations, each Cosy Garden Room comes fully equipped for lighting and power, with the option for you to specify the placement of power points. The lights are discreetly recessed into the ceiling for a streamlined look. As part of their turnkey service, Cosy Garden Rooms electrician handles the final connection between the garden room and the main house.