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Timber Rooms is a well-established name specialising in bespoke garden gym designs. Concentrating their efforts in the South East of England, they ensure each project receives the individual attention it deserves. Timber Rooms offers a comprehensive turnkey service, managing the entire project for clients from the initial design stage through to the final connections to mains services, leaving you with a fully functional, ready-to-use gym.

As the photos above demonstrate, no two Timber Rooms garden gyms are the same. This is because they take time to understand each client’s unique exercise preferences, using this information as the starting point for their design.

When customers require greater headroom inside their gym—perhaps to accommodate a golf simulator or to create more space for using gym equipment—than is offered by a standard-height garden room designed to comply with Permitted Development, Timber Rooms can design a taller building and assist in obtaining planning permission for the project.

The traditional timber framing techniques that Timber Rooms employs are robust enough to support gym equipment, including wall and ceiling-mounted gear.

Timber Rooms can integrate features such as kitchens, cloakrooms, or complete shower rooms into their designs, enabling you to freshen up after a workout. They handle all associated groundwork and connections as part of their turnkey service, ensuring adherence to Building Regulations.

Following initial design consultations, the Timber Rooms team will tailor the size, shape, and configuration of the garden gym to meet your specific needs. They are not limited to rectangular footprints; they can create bespoke shaped rooms that optimise the available space.

Timber Rooms specialises in multi-layer structures based on a traditional insulated timber frame core. This construction results in a highly insulated building that remains comfortable to use all year round. In addition to their mono-pitched roof designs, Timber Rooms also offers pitched roof options, creating stylish interior spaces with vaulted ceilings.

Internally, Timber Rooms can install partition walls to divide the building’s footprint into multiple rooms. It is common for clients to add a storage room alongside a home gym or a separate office space. Timber Rooms completes the interiors to a high standard, with plastered and decorated walls and ceilings, coupled with quality wooden flooring.

Externally, Timber Rooms offers a variety of exterior cladding options, from durable timbers like Western Red Cedar to maintenance-free composite boards available in a selection of colours. Timber Rooms can enhance the indoor-outdoor lifestyle that garden gyms promote by incorporating covered outdoor areas into their designs. These areas can be used as seating or dining areas or to accommodate an outdoor kitchen or a hot tub.

Timber Rooms‘ garden gyms are designed to comply with Permitted Development. Should a project require planning approval or Building Control sign-off, the Timber Rooms team will manage the entire approval process on your behalf.


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Examples of Timber Rooms exterior finishes

As their name suggests, the Timber Rooms team has a passion for working with wood! A closer look at these photos reveals their meticulous attention to timber exterior cladding—note how the lines of the cladding on the walls align seamlessly with those on the soffit of the roof canopy, and the mitred boards that frame the decking.

Timber Rooms offers a range of timber claddings, including Western Red Cedar and Siberian Larch, which are celebrated for their natural durability and aesthetic appeal. Timber claddings like Cedar and Larch are naturally resistant to rot and fungal attacks, offering a long, low-maintenance lifespan.

While Timber Rooms is known for the crisp lines of its contemporary designs, it can also create more rustic looks. When clients have requested a more traditional appearance, waney edge cladding has been used to add texture and character to the garden room, particularly within a cottage garden setting.

Alongside their timber options, Timber Rooms offers composite wood finishes available in a variety of colours, as demonstrated in the examples above. The composite finishes selected by Timber Rooms are dimensionally stable and resistant to rot and fungal attacks. These finishes maintain their appearance without the need for repainting, making them excellent low-maintenance choices.

Timber Rooms can also incorporate exterior lighting into their designs, adding an extra layer of aesthetic style to the building and extending its usability into the evening.

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Examples of Timber Rooms interior finishes

Timber Rooms finishes the interiors of their garden gyms to a high standard, featuring plastered and decorated walls and ceilings, complemented by a selection of flooring options. As demonstrated in these photos, this provides a quality backdrop that allows you to imprint your style with the furnishings.

During the design process, the Timber Rooms team takes time to understand how you plan to use your new space and can incorporate features such as kitchens, bars, and bathrooms to enhance the versatility of your building, both now and in the future.

To further customise the space, Timber Rooms can divide the floor plan of their buildings to create multiple rooms. They install partition walls to achieve room sizes and configurations that suit your specific needs, each completed with high-quality internal doors, framed with architraves.

The designers at Timber Rooms are adept at positioning glazing to ensure that views and connections with the garden become integral parts of the design. They offer a diverse range of door and window styles, from floor-to-ceiling windows to narrow rectangular windows that can be positioned high on the wall, and can also integrate skylights to flood the room with natural light.

You can choose from a variety of door styles and sizes, including bi-fold doors. If you wish to create a seamless transition from interior to exterior spaces, the Timber Rooms team can design the floor structure so that the internal flooring and the door threshold are flush with the external patio or deck surface. This careful attention to detail facilitates smooth movement between indoor and outdoor areas.

Timber Rooms will collaborate with you to design an electrical specification that meets your needs. They can include hardwired electrical connections, audiovisual cabling, and heating and cooling systems. As part of their turnkey service, Timber Rooms’ electricians will manage the final electrical connections between your house and the new room.

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